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cleared. south 101 out of novato, 20 minutes to macarthur maze. >> we will look at the san mateo bridge, getting bunched up here and hazy, with limited visibility on the san mateo bridge moving from the east bay toward the peninsula. >> at 6:01. are you practicing "let's go 49ers." we are a week away from their sixth super bowl appearance. in san francisco, officials want to make sure the fans are not out of control. we are joined outside city hall with more on the security preparations underway. >> everything from buses to bother cans, part of the super bowl security playbook. this is not city hall behind me but you love the red and gold decking out sick center auditorium.
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police will be out in force for super bowl sunday, the mayor says he doesn't want any instant replays of the giants celebration. >> fans were rowdy and pumped after the championship win on sunday and peaceful and nonviolent unlike the mayhem that marred the giants victory last fall when cars were overturned and bonfires lit and a muni bus smashed. the mayor will visit local sports bars suggesting they serve something beside hard liquor and asking them to sell cans and not bottles and working with muni but hopes of containing crowds at civic center have been nixed by the n because of copyright. >> that is a business decision. we will respect that. it would help center the celebrations but we will keep
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the city safe. >> to ensure we use the right type of buses we will not have electric buses but we will have diesel buses that are able to maneuver around the crowds and be re-directed. and a victory parade? last time they won it all in 1995 there was a blow out party but as far as the planning for that, the mayor he says it is too early to discuss that but there will be an official "something." the city will pickup truck on game day to prevent fires with street closings starting on saturday the day before super bowl sunday, of course, and it is all in the name of safety and security live from the civic city plaza for abc7 news. >> abc7 news has an entire team headed to the super bowl and sports director larry beale and sports anchor and 49er wide
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receiver will be there with his own super bowl ring, and abc7 news reporters wayne freedman and katie marzullo join larry and mike to bring the best coverage during the week during super bowl with live reports beginning monday morning. >> antioch school officials are warning parents after a stranger approached a child and tried to lure him in the car. parents were mailed a warning. a mother notified the school principal her son was approached by a man he did not know claiming he was sent by a family member to pick up the boy. the child said he did not know the man and ran away. abc7 news reporter will have a live report from the elementary school in 30 minutes. >> if san francisco, testimony is set to me begin today in the preliminary hearing for the couple accused of murdering calvin sneed, a 38-year-old muni
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driver and his wife face charges related to the shooting. he pimps out the couple's runaway daughter who is 17. the prosecution said he was trying to get the gill back -- the girl back. >> hearing was scheduled in oakland as a company tries to keep oyster farm at the point reyes national seashore officer closing asking for a preliminary injunction to allow it to continue to operate until a trial is held. the u.s. interior secretary allowed a 40 year lease to expire so the area could returned to wilderness. >> g.o.p. strategist karl rove is coming to northern california. he will give the keynote address at the california republican party's spring convention in march which will take place in sacramento. he is the architect of george w. bush's white house victories in
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2000 and 2004. >> vice president biden heads to virginia to deliver a speech on the efforts to reduce gun violence. he will sell the white house gun policy agenda in richard with other officials following up on president obama's policy agenda announced last week. recommendations were provided by the gun violence task force that he spearheaded in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shootings. >> mitt romney will be in washington, dc, today, video from the concession speech back in november. the former g.o.p. presidential nominee has kept a low profile since losing the election. the former massachusetts governor and his wife are set to attend a luncheon in their honor at the marriott hotel in the capitol. mitt romney is a member of the board of directors of the he they will chain. >> traffic and weather together are next on the abc7 morning news. we have a live look at the golden gate bridge if you can see it.
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mike nicco will have the full accweather forecast and a look at fog and drizzle this morning and check in with sue hall and the abc7 traffic center. >> it looks like something straight officer the jetson's, a northern california man making flying cars a reality.
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>> hello, 6:10. and now what is going on
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outside. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet and we do have pockets of drizzle and fog. as we led to the afternoon, we will see more sunshine than yesterday but a stay shower is possible but not so widespread. still, mild, upper 50's in vallejo and san francisco low-to-mid 60's, and as we head through the weekend a cold front drops the temperatures in the mid-50's with the best chance of shower tomorrow. >> a stall partly blocking a ramp if san jose, and southbound 280 the ramp to southbound 87. that is being reported by the c.h.p. otherwise, it is quiet. nice drive moving 80 westbound to macarthur maze through berkeley and the berkeley curve and through the macarthur maze and the toll plaza where we have light conditions and no metering lights at 6:1. no problems from the upper deck to the city. >> and now, new video showing what could be the car of the
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future, a sky car, yes, it doesfully. the car is the creation of davis aviation engineer who announced yesterday he secured an $80 million investment to build the car in the united states and china. he says the first production model is two-passenger sky car finished in 2014. on 80 you will still be stuck. >> or then sue would have to talk about "sky" traffic. >> lance armstrong went public a week ago and now, the disgraced cycling star has a new job offer. >> coming up first, the new mexico lawmaker trying to clarify her position after being accused of trying to get victims of rape
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the pay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is map showing our visibility and how it gets worse in some areas like concord. we have improved at fairfield to four, and napa is quarter a mile and everyone else is below six miles. and it is still moist this morning with temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's and low 50's another noon with a stray shower and less so than yesterday. upper 50's at 4:00, and keep the rain gory handy for 7:00 and small chance of a shower upper 40's to low 50's. eric? >> at 6:15, new this morning, thousands of abortion opponents hold a march in washington less than three hours from now, the demonstration coincides with the 40th anniversary of the roe vs. wade decision, the u.s. supreme court ruling that
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legalized abortion. the rally includes prayers in front of the supreme court building and features speeches from former republican presidential candidate santorum. >> there was a proposed bill that went viral, a new mexico representative is buzzing on twitter and facebook and because of how the bill that says people who tamper with evidence in rape cases could face criminal charges. some say that a rape victim who is pregnant and goes on to get an abortion could be charged with a crime. >> this is misinterpreted and some thought it meant the girl who is impregnated she could be charged with tampering, that is truly not the case. >> she says the intention is to punish men what force women to get an abortion in cases of rape and admits it is poorly written and says it is now being reworked. >> massachusetts congressman is raising questions of plans by
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degrees any to offer high-tech wrist bans that contain identification computer chips that disney says makes visiting disney world easier in florida and will unveil them in the spring. the cochairman of the congressional panel on privacy, fears the wristbands could be used to gather marketing data on children. disney say the bans are optional. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> apple stock will trade again at 6:30 as investors are skeptical over growth prospects on iphone with shares down do $450 a share, a decline from the all time high of $698. a few months ago in september, apple was the most valuable company but it is now just $7 billion a part from exxonmobil. >> mike wants to get you out the
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door properly dressed with the weather this morning. >> especially on a friday. how can you be if a wrong frame of mind? here is the man we have been talking about. >> good morning to you. a gray start this morning. we have been through it this morning, here is another visual proof from the east bay hills to san francisco. we will look at live doppler 7 hd and you can see the clouds ending to rain and the best chance of rain is in the high country where we have freezing fog, so ice around tahoe and you can see the moist flow from the south so keep another stray shower in the forecast, and here is the cold front that comes through tomorrow, and bring us another chance of a shower before they start to taper on sunday and monday. stepping out right now, here are the latest conditions, 46 in concord, the cool sport and upper 40's in the not bay and low do mid-50's for the rest of us headed to the monterey bay in the low-to-mid 50's. it will be damp with fog and a
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shower is possible today, cooler air this week, and dry also, so the showers are very limited after tomorrow morning, and it will be warmer and dry next week. here is a look at what is going on while you were sleeping the slow migrated to the south but with the counter clock wise flow and we are on the front side we are getting the moist flow and the possibility of a scattered showers. to the north you can see the cold front moving toward california, with the best cloud cover and the best moisture. behind it, there is a lack of cloud cover and moisture so we have a limited chance of a shower this weekend and why we have been saying all week, not to cancel your weekend plans. this morning, clouds and drizzle, by 11:00 that will dry, and stray shower and it will pop in the afternoon, and during the evening, it gets quiet and there could be drizzle again, and cold front coming through tomorrow morning and the best chance of a shower by noon it is slipping down to the south and dry air is starting to move in the it will be cooler on sunday morning because of the lack of cloud
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cover, but, the cold air mass keeps us cooler during the afternoon hours, also. the rainfall amount are .1" possible to .25" possible. more sunshine and warmer and 60's are back in the middle part of next week. today is another spay -- "spare the air" day. >> and before the nimitz a car hit the center divider. south 280 the ramp to southbound 87, a small, blocking the detroit lane of track. we have first detroits of a stall eastbound on the flat section blocking a lane of traffic on the san mateo bridge. i do not see it on our live shot but you may find slow traffic moving from foster city to hayward. in the commute, the opposite direction westbound it is moving
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nicely with 15-minute drive from hayward to the foster city area. if you are leaving san rafael, beyond lucas valley road to central san rafael traffic is moving nicely southbound. and the golden gate bridge through the waldo tunnel no problems, and four lanes for the southbound commute. >> thank you. we have the first look at the new film starring ashton cupper -- ashton kutcher as steve jobs in the new film at sundance. e ws
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i ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean e ws
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>> welcome back. now, the highs today, 59 degree in san rafael and san francisco, and let to mid-60's for the rest of us. isolated shower is possible. more sunshine yesterday. the snow pack continues to shrink as a percentage of where we should be the we have not had good snow in the sierra in several weeks at 90 percent of average. if you are headed up there, we have scattered snow showers and rain at the lake level and the heavy rain is down around los angeles and san diego and palm springs with mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley with scattered light showers today. >> thank you, mike. with george lucas handing over the movie empire to disney, the
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director has plenty of experience in science fiction and ready to take over the star wars franchise. "variety" reports that abrams is close to signing a deal to direct another film in the series that could be released in 2015. he is directing the new "star trek" movie. he initially dismissed talk of join the franchise but lucas has been courting him. >> we are looking at the long awaited movie about the life of steve jobs debuting today in utah. ashton kutcher stars as jobs and covers his life from 1971 to 2000. there was unprecedented access to the garage where jobs and steve wozniak created apple. when wozniak saw the clip high called it "totally inaccurate." >> "dancing with the stars" continues to go after big headline makers. lance armstrong is no exception.
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but disgraced cyclist will not two step his way into redemption lance armstrong turned down a stop to compete in the spring, "dancing with the stars" reportedly approached lance armstrong before the recent doping confession but wanted him after that, anyway. >> and beyonce will perform "crazy if love" at super bowl show and joined by former band mates at destiny's child. the singer still has not commented on accusations of lip syncing at the inaugural. >> now, matt damon finally had his revenge, he has been the butt of a long running joke on "jimmy kimmel live" took over the show. >> welcome to tonight's episode of jimmy kimmel sucks.
6:25 am
i'm your host, matt damon. just for starters, let me ask you guys, as an audience, it is year to see a person with actual talent to host the show? >> ouch. he played a kidnapper who tied up jimmy kimmel and reese, demi, nicole kidman, and amy adams all cowedded the couple. good job, matt damon, and "jimmy kimmel live" airs weeknights following abc7 news at 11 with "nightline" right after jimmy kimmel. >> downward dog, half moon, ahead at 6:30, yoga poses could soon be doctor's orders for millions of patients.
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>> first, hockey returns but are fans ready to forgive the four month walk out? >> antioch elementary school is talking about strange are danger today after an attempted kidnapping on campus. kidnapping on campus. we will tell you what happenedyg to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles
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in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:29, just shy of 6:30 on this friday morning. you are looking at downtown oakland. a little bit of fog lingering but as mike nicco will soon tell you, there is if news on the weather horizon. a beautiful friday to start our
6:29 am
week. >> we are very happy to have you here this morning. >> hello, i am here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. you saw a few whiffs of fog, fickle finger, to borrow a phrase. >> or the whole hand. sever fingers. there is fog out there, and thicker in some spots. live doppler 7 hd shows clouds hanging around. with the reduced visibility and all the moisture, no airport delays at sfo or san jose or oakland. the radar runs show they have fallen apart but still drizzle out there and the streets are wet from the rain yesterday. "spare the air" today, the worst air quality in the north bay but all of us banned from burning wood for the ninth day this winter season. this morning, mostly foggy and temperatures are mile at 46 to 52. this afternoon we will see a few more rays of sunshine with a
6:30 am
slight chance of a stray shower and 56 to 63. this evening, have the umbrella just in case. there is a small chance. 48 to 53 for evening. the traffic and the commute? >> a couple of stumbling blocks this morning in north 880, there is a blocked lane so there are delays moving northbound from hayward area. san jose, again, a new location of what was a stall now being reports an accident north 80 at highway 87 so expect slowing. and san mateo bridge has reported in the eastbound direction of a stalled truck blocking a lane of truck with slowing toward hayward. westbound is busy. you can see the brake lights on the flat section. this is a 20-minute drive from hayward to foster city. metering lights are on but backup is minimal at the bay
6:31 am
bridge. >> new to developing news from last night on abc7 news at 1 at 11:00. >> there was an attempted kidnapping at an elementary school. >> the parents will see more teachers and administrators walking the school grounds looking for anything suspicious. if they see anything they promise to report it to parents and police right away. here is what happened. the parents got a letter from the principal telling them a man had approached a child, and told him that the chime's -- that the child's family had sent him to pick the boy up but he said "i don't know you" and he ran away. the man is described as white with gray hair and stubble driving a light blue 70's type
6:32 am
car last seen parked at the park but not seen since. the administrators will have age-appropriate discussions with children today about stranger danger and they are encouraging parents to do the same. reporting live in antioch for abc7 news. >> thank you very much. administrators in two east bay schools warning parents of what their kids wear to school. thieves are targeting teens and the foot wear twice this week alone. the latest incident took place on wednesday along a greenway on a bicycle path in el cerrito. two 15-year-old boys from albany high school were shot. a friend of the victims say the suspects wanted a boy's shoes and he would not give them up they pulled out guns and shot him twice in the tore -- torso. earlier this week two other teens were shot over their shoes. >> in san jose police are
6:33 am
investigating the third homicide of the year. police were called at 8:30 last night to a home and a man was stabbed multiple times. the police say he was attacked by several men. so far, we this do not have a motive or any information on suspects. >> now on the peninsula, san mateo sheriff deputies are searching for a missing 67-year-old woman with alzheimer's disease. the woman disappeared yesterday after leaving her home in san mateo county. deputies say she left to go on a walk. at 4:30 p.m., she left but she never returned. >> this morning, the coroner is trying to determine how a mother and her five-year-old daughter died after the bodies were pulled from an ice covered upon. the pond is on a remote property in a community of pine grove. the bodies of the 46-year-old karen anderson and her daughter were found yesterday morning 30'
6:34 am
from shore in 38-degree water. this is new video from the property on spring canyon lane. on monday deputies responded to reports of a loose llama and could not find anyone at the home. there is speculation mom and daughter may have been trying to save the animal. neighbors were concerned when they did not see them on tuesday so deputies launched the search. >> bart has approved a $2.7 million plan to update the communications center. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the plan to boost the security system by adding wireless capability could bring free and reliable wi-fi service to passengers. federal funding will help pay for it were the directors are considering a new digital advertising program to generate an extra $1 million a year that replaces 48 ad displace signs with 24 digital screens at four downtown san francisco stations. >> this morning the san jose sharks are on top of the
6:35 am
division and despite a four month lock outs the fans showed up in force. the fans were thrilled with the come-from-behind victory. the local businesses have been hit hard with the city losing $800,000 if revenue from parking and hotels. some restaurants say any lost 40 percent of their business. many restaurants are just happy to be working again. >> i don't think how much i lost. i am glad to be back at it. glad to see people. look at all these people out here. it is great. >> we have been waiting for this for all season and we are glad they worked it out and we can survive the season. >> the sharks will be back on home ice tomorrow and again on sunday. >> traffic and weather are next on the abc7 morning news with a live look outside and mike nicco will have the full accweather
6:36 am
forecast. >> this is marine county 101 with headlights headed southbound into san francisco. no problems but the traffic is building. ys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime--
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that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> almost 6:40 on this friday. we could see sunshine with increased probability through the weekend. right now, you can see we had radar to the south with light rain. now it is drizzle and fog and mist. visibility is worse, or more
6:39 am
dangerous around concord and napa at quarter of a mile. everyone else is above a mile but santa rosa is three quarters of a mile but it is tough to get around the upper 50's to low 60's with sunshine today. our best chance of a shower tomorrow increasing sunshine and cooler conditions on sunday and monday. >> we have god news in san leandro area, an accident has been blocking the area for some time but now has been cleared so traffic should improve northbound. north 280, 87, an accident in the right lane there. first reports of an accident at mountain view north 101, blocking a right lane of traffic. we have new report now of an accident in the median westbound on the flat section of the san mateo bridge and i am seeing slower traffic although i am not seeing the live accident in our shot here, the accident in our live shot, and eastbound direction is moving nicely with
6:40 am
an early stall cleared from the flat section. >> thank you. new this morning, in health news, a just-released study says people suffering from mental health disorder could benefit from yoga. the study found yoga had a positive effect on people suffering from every mental health disorder including adhd and schizophrenia. patients suffering from eating disorders did not benefit, however. the findings are preliminary, and say more work still needs to be done. the study appears today in the journal frontiers in psychiatry. >> now, ahead making sure that super bowl fun does not get out-of-control, the steps san francisco is taking to make sure fans stay in line on the day of the big game. >> trading is underway on wall street street. the dow is up 38, almost 39 points at 13,86
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>> san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> how about the last three hours, you can see it is active with the best activity to the south. we have freezing fog and ice and rain headed into the afternoon hours and it turns to snow by sunday. not the greatest skiing conditions. around los angeles the best chance for rain is tomorrow. showers on saturday. slight chance of a shower on sunday. in las vegas it will be wet there with a chance of rain today, the least likely chance is sunday. >> time to check with amy for a preview of "good morning america" in 15 minutes.
6:44 am
>> good morning, the nation is already suffering from one of the worst flu seasons in years but a new stomach bug is spreading across the united states. what is the new virus? how dangerous can it be? that is next on "good morning america" today. >> thank you. we have a fan frenzy as the team departs for new orleans but police in san francisco are making sure the party does not get out-of-control craziness. >> the city is taking steps to make sure super bowl sunday is safe in san francisco not just here at plaza but, all across the city. the mayor plans to personally visit neighborhood bars next week to ask they serve something else than hard liquor and ask they sell beer in cans and not bottles. police are working with muni to
6:45 am
have more diesel buses that can maneuver and trash will be picked up on game bay to prevent the bonfires that insights the vandalism. there was going to be a jumbo tr on to want the game but the nfl said you cannot do that, the game is copyrighted. as far as a super bowl victory parade, the mayor says it is too early to talk about that but an official "something" will be planned. >> it is not too early for 49er fans to show off their pride. check out the folks who want to add 2013 to the super bowl jacket sleeve. it is not just humans, check out bubba who is ready. you can send us your photos at
6:46 am we have a team headed to the super bowl, as well. larry beil and sports anchor and former 49 year wide receiver mike shumann will be there displaying his super bowl ring and wayne freed man and katie marzullo will join larry and mike shumann tweeting updates with live reports beginning monday morning. >> behind the 49ers our team is the next best. >> what is your favorite brand? you could be surprised to hear what company ranks number one. >> now jane king at the new york stock exchange. good morning, jane. >> good morning, yahoo chief executive officer at the world economic forum, and she sat with a correspondent to talk tech. she says she sees big
6:47 am
opportunity in personalized mobile web access. yahoo will add revenue from facebook and her former employer, google. >> facebook provides an amazing platform so it will be one of the predominant platforms but new -- it is now taking this platform and finding useful content and telling people, i am such and such, do you know who else is? an opportunity to hookup with someone you did not know who would be there. >> yahoo will develop information that is personalized coming to you on your mobile phone. >> we got a report on new home sales coming out in a few minutes and apple shares today are recovering a bit. yesterday, of course, they had the worst day this four years on
6:48 am
selling growth and over all, we are seeing modest gains and the bloomberg s valley index, trading higher at the moment. that is your favorite brand? subway is the top-ranked brand if the third year in a row according to the brand index buzz rankings and amazon, the second favorite, followed by cheerios with google and out tub on on on -- and youtube on the top ten. >> the weather is looking better if you are tired of the moisture, the dry air is coming in and it will take away our best chance of rain headed through the weekend and next week. good morning, everyone, at 6:50 from mount tamalpais to san francisco you can see the clouds are breaking up. they are thicker to the south and to the north and we can see that on live doppler 7 hd as super imposed satellite the clouds are under the radar and
6:49 am
you can see where the rain went, it fell apart as it moved to the northeast through the south bay and the east bay and here is our next weather maker coming down for tonight and tomorrow bringing the last real good push of a scattered shower the right now temperatures are in the upper 40's and to the mid-50's and san francisco is 54 and 53 in redwood city and 53 at oakland and fremont and los gatos as far as monterey bay it is mile in the low-to-mid 50's. as we move forward, damp and foggy for the commute, a shower is possible today, cooler weekend and dry so the showers are more limited than what we talked about yesterday and we talked about how you should not change the plans. more proof of that and warmer and more dry next week. we have a slow down to the south, counterclockwise flow with moisture coming to us so we will keep the scattered showers in the forecast. the moisture bumps into the cold
6:50 am
front tomorrow and tomorrow morning and we will have the best chance of a shower but behind that you can see it is cool and dry with a lack of clouds behind the cold front. this morning, we are relatively quiet to noon and we will have pockets of sunshine, and little drizzle is possible and the front coming through in the morning and right into noon, and bringing us a best chance of scattered shower. behind that, the clouds open up, and it will be the coolest morning since early this week and by sunday afternoon we will have an increase in sunshine with the temperatures continuing to drop this week as we are deeper in the cold air mass. .1" to .25", maybe, but that is general rouse. in the mid-50's sunday and monday and slow warming trend back to the 60's by wednesday and thursday. remember, no wood burning today because it is "spare the air" day. >> take mass transit. >> back to san jose, north 280
6:51 am
at 87, an accident is blocking the connection ramp with the slowover and slow traffic by the sensors northbound 87 approaching 280. elsewhere 101, northbound, in the mountain view area you can see yellow sensors with an accident partly blocking the lane of traffic and new accident for san leandro one northbound cleared 880 at davis and now it is at davis but earlier it was at 880 and now there is a new problem block a lane of traffic. southbound 101 leaving san rafael, north san pedro road to the civic center and toward lincoln moving well. if travels take you 580 to the macarthur maze and through oakland you can see everyone is moving at the limit. >> ahead, five things to know before you
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> at 6:54 on the abc7 morning news looking toward the bay you can see the embarcardero and a little mist and fog in the background. >> gorgeous however you slice it. and here are five things to know before you go. number one, antioch school officials warn parents a stranger approach add child trying to pleasure him into a car. a mother says her 5th grader was approached by a stranger would claimed he was sent to pick up the boy. >> number two, san jose police are investigating the third homicide of the year. police were called to the scene at 8:30 and a man was stabbed multiple signed after being attacked by several. >> number three, san mateo sheriff deputies are searching
6:54 am
for a missing woman who is 67-year-old with alzheimer's disease. she disappeared yesterday after leaving her home in san mateo county. democrat days say she went for a walk but never returned. >> number four, a big birthday dead for a famous san francisco twin, marion brown is 86 years old, her first birthday after her sister died two weeks ago. >> giant fans have a chance to pose with two world series trophies today, on display from 11 to 1:00 o'clock p.m. at courthouse square in redwood city and then they move to daly city for pictures between 3:00 and p.m. 5:00 indoors. what about outdoors? mike nicco? >> we will get you out the door with weather, the -- drop shows
6:55 am
runs are minimal with clouds breaking up with fog and mist. now the poorest air quality is in the north bay with a burning ban until midnight. temperatures today are running from the upper 50's to mid-60's and a slight chance of showers possible, less than yesterday. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. sue? >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza not so bad, kind of friday lite with plea stepping -- metering lights in the left hand lane and sluggish on the upper deck but no major stalls or accidents. we have an accident southbound at 880 at davis causing problems in san leandro area and 680 at north main in walnut creek area. >> thank you very much. the abc7 only news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. developing now, a snowy, icy mess, targeting much of the country's east. from nashville up to philly, as more incredible pictures come in
6:59 am
from a frozen nation. watch as water turns to instant snow. and students could literally slide their way to class. an emerging medical alert. warnings this morning about a fast-moving stomach bug called sidney. doctors calling it the ferrari of viruses, spreading like wildfire. what you need to know before heading to work right now. tale of the tape. emotional voicemail revealed in the manti te'o hoax case. >> i love you. >> the football star brought to tears. we take the tape to audio experts. why they say it's impossible it was another man at the end of the phone. i am in command of this ship. >> late night turned upside down, as matt damon ticks jimmy kimmel captive for all of last night's show. the guest list that kimmel could never get. and check out the crew guy

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